Leveraging 30 years of experience and a profound passion for culinary traditions of the founder, Hoang Yen Vietnamese Cuisine, with seven outlets mostly in CBDs and counting,is known for authentic and classic dishes from the three-regional spectrum of flavors in a truly comfortable atmosphereand elegant design with wooden oriental carvings and Bat Trang ceramics.

The menus offer an enticing array from rural dishes to modern specialties, prepared with only the freshest ingredients. Our cuisine proudly boasts the distinct local tastes from the regions along the country while embracing a perfect mixture with modern culinary trends to create a unique experience for diners. Old-fashioned favorites include fried chicken wings with fish sauce, fish clay pot, grilled eggplant, and sour fish soup. Northern specialties feature the famous La Vong fish dishes and steamed rice with seafood and lotus seed in lotus leaf.

The ‘Fit-for-a-King’menu introduces a feast of luxurious dishes like steamed grouper, crab glass noodles,and delicious soups like abalone or sea cucumber and mushroom. For hotpot lovers, Hoang Yen Vietnamese Cuisine offers various choices from seafood and fish, to beef or chicken. The extensive and impressive mixed drinks, smoothies and juices, like the best-selling lychee, orange, and cinnamon tea compliment a wide variety of local and imported beers and carefully selected wine list. Must-try desserts such as a green-tea panna cotta, a jackfruit iced drink and seasonal fresh fruits are surely satisfying to round off the meal.

With full respect towards tradition, Hoang Yen Vietnamese Cuisinestrives to elevate the authentic cuisine to a refined level with a charming twist, promises to dazzle the palette of the most demanding clientele.